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    Richard R. Bonilla commented  · 

    An Orderly Brain

    TheBrain is the most sophisticated tool available to put the most influential resource known to mankind - The Thought! With that said I wish to join the chorus asking for the most important tool of TheBrain, namely, Influencing the Order of Thoughts.

    Like my fellow Thoughtineers please place this request on a higher level of priority.

    We need the ability to sort any selection of Thought Children under any Thought Parent other than the default ASCII sort order. Permit us to create an on-the-fly user-defined sorting scheme. You could provide a "sorting engine" that defines an arbitrary sort order (red, orange, yellow; north, east, south, west;tall, medium, short;kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species;great-grandparent, grand-parent, parent,child; etc). Once a "Sorting Engine Table" (SET) is defined it can be saved by the user. Give these SETs a clever name (a metaphor, the way you use "brain"," thought", "child", etc) that your marketing team can use! Maybe use a DNA-sequencer or "gene" -kinda thing!

    One suggestion is to use an algorithm that is used in spreadsheets. You know, you list a row of sequential items in rows. Then you select that arbitrary sequence and drag that little thing-a-ma-bob in the lower right corner... well, you know how it works better than I do!

    So, how 'bout it! What Brain could have evolved without good DNA/genes! Create your own genes and let them "sequence" a group of selected Child Thoughts to make any Thought Parent proud!

    Just thinking about this is very exciting!

    Keep in mind what I have learned after 60 years of breathing. "If you think of it, someone else already has". If you don't don't figure out how to do this (and you are very good at doing figuring things out) then someone else will. THAT will be a major motivator for someone to find and use. I just hope that TheBrain will do it. "More Sooner than Later"

    Thank you for all of the incredible features in the current feature in TheBrain. It still is the best Thought Organizing Tool available to clever minds!

    Thank you for your time!